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Fea Soul is designed to engage clients in their journey through coaching them towards their personal goals, educating them on new approaches to eating plant-based, and providing experiences that inspire a holistic lifestyle shift.

There is a vast amount of information the general public does not know about food, especially those living in food desserts. 

Chifea, is a plant-based chef and owner of Fea Soul. The name "Fea Soul" is inspired by her life journey. As a child she was granted the nickname Fea, and this company is the artistic expression of her soul.

Food has been a driving force in her life, ever since a close aunt taught her the secrets of the family's sweet potato pie. After being exposed to Culinary Arts in High School, Chef Fea went on to graduate with her Culinary Arts & Hospitality management degrees. Blessed with a mother who’s an educator, Fea understands  the importance of sharing education. Chef Fea also worked in a school setting as a Teacher's Assistant and Substitute Teacher, allowing her to put into practice the art of instruction. 

Services We Will Offer


 that help share information on how beneficial a plant-based lifestyle is what it could look like


that take all of that information and provide instructions on how to cook a particular plant-based dish 


 that go in depth with teaching the basic fundamental skills of preparing plant-based meals. 


weekly meals

have a new menu each week with new and favorited plant-based options (will be available for pre-order and delivery)

private dining parties & meal planning

customizes your dining experience with your personal flavor profile while enjoying creative and unique plant-based dishes prepared right in your home.

Chef Fea standing in front of Fea Soul Expo Booth at ARISE Graduation Showcase, December 1, 2019.


with us, 'cause you never know when Fea Soul might pop up near you, be on the look out at Farmer's Markets, Grocery Stores, Wellness Expos, and more

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